Uses of Class

Packages that use ProxyFactory

Uses of ProxyFactory in spin

Methods in spin that return ProxyFactory
static ProxyFactory Spin.getDefaultProxyFactory()
          Get the default proxy factory.

Methods in spin with parameters of type ProxyFactory
static void Spin.setDefaultProxyFactory(ProxyFactory factory)
          Set the default factory of proxies.

Constructors in spin with parameters of type ProxyFactory
Spin(java.lang.Object object, ProxyFactory proxyFactory, Evaluator evaluator)
          Create a Spin wrapper for the given object.

Uses of ProxyFactory in spin.proxy

Subclasses of ProxyFactory in spin.proxy
 class CGLibProxyFactory
          A factory of proxies utilizing CGLib.
 class JDKProxyFactory
          A factory of proxies utilizing JDK virtual proxies.

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