Interface Summary
Dispatcher An dispatcher of AWT events.
DispatcherFactory A factory of Dispatchers of AWT events.
Starter A Starter starts Runnables asynchronously - used by SpinOffEvaluators to spin-off non UI computations from the EDT.

Class Summary
AWTReflectDispatcherFactory A factory of Dispatchers which uses reflection to AWT internals to dispatch events - used as default by Spin for spin-off.
DialogDispatcherFactory Abstract base class for factories that dispatch events with java.awt.Dialogs.
InternalOptionPaneDispatcherFactory A factory of Dispatchers which uses modal internal JOptionPanes to dispatch events.
ListenerSpinOver An evaluator for spin-off that automatically spins-over all arguments of a SpinOffEvaluator if their corresponding parameter types are subinterfaces of java.util.EventListener.
SimpleStarter Simple implementation of a Starter that creates a new thread for each invocation of SimpleStarter.start(Runnable).
SpinOffEvaluator An evaluator for spin-off, i.e. all invocations are evaluated on another thread than the EDT while further events are dispatched.

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